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Author Topic: The demise of the GPS receiver  (Read 1137 times)

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Re: The demise of the GPS receiver
« Reply #15 on: October 25, 2013, 09:58:44 am »
Quote from: SangueG
Do you know that you can download PQs to the phone you are using c:geo with, as long as you receive email on your phone too, just like you can with a dedicated GPSr?

No, I didn't!  :)

I've only just purchased a premium membership so so far I've been doing all my 'caching without using PQ's. c:geo has been allowing me to store cache details offline without limits (I have about 400 caches stored on my phone for Swindon area) so I've been able to navigate and see cache descriptions offline without any issue up until now. The only thing I don't currently get offline is a map layer - I assume this is what memory map is for so i'll check that app out :)

I'll have a play with the PQ feature to my phone though, but I'm not sure what benifits I'll get from them yet, until I actually get a GPSr which can handle PQ's. I'll probably be asking GPSr relate questions if I bump into any of you at the Cotswold Water Park meet up.


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