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Author Topic: The demise of the GPS receiver  (Read 1137 times)

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Re: The demise of the GPS receiver
« Reply #15 on: October 23, 2013, 10:29:19 pm »
Being based on Android I guess then that you can stretch the screen to make what you are viewing larger? That would be handy for me. When we did that night cache a little while ago I held Yorkshire Yellow's GPSr for a while, but without my glasses on I did find the display a bit small to see. With my phone I can stretch the screen so that I can view it a bit bit easier.

The dedicated GPS does still tend to have that bit more ruggedness about it though. I was out the other night for a few hours in constant rain, only walking, not caching, but was checking out places for possible caches. It's the first time since I mostly moved to my phone over my dedicated GPS that I felt a bit nervous keeping it out in the open. Only got it out of my pocket when I needed to check coords of where I was.


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