Has the GPS receiver seen its day?

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8 (80%)

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Author Topic: The demise of the GPS receiver  (Read 1153 times)

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Re: The demise of the GPS receiver
« on: September 30, 2013, 09:22:01 am »
I am going to be controversial and say yes. But only because it is more a yes than a no.

I am not using an iAnything, I am using android. I do not use a Geocaching app by Groundspeak, I use non-official ones. The battery life is good. The accuracy is on par with my GPSr. The only time my GPSr comes out of my backpack now is when setting a cache to double check the coordinates, it has agreed with the phone each time so far. And I always carry the GPSr so that I have it available to include it in a photo for other location based games.

The only negatives I see at the moment is fragility and water tightness, but it feels much more rugged sat in the flip-open padded case.

Until I gave the phone a good try I was not convinced. Everywhere was telling me that a dedicated GPSr was the equipment to have. But my GPSr
But my GPSr cannot scan gc.com and pick out a few caches to go and do whilst laying in bed

You go caching in your bed.  Impressive


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