Author Topic: New gps for xmas  (Read 322 times)

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Re: New gps for xmas
« Reply #15 on: November 21, 2014, 10:33:22 pm »
Well Mrs S-o=A bought me my first little e-trex and then my present Garmin Hcx which has been just great but is now getting a little weird at times so she offered to buy the 650.
I really am facing a learning curve cus whatever they say the Hcx does not do downloads from the website and boy have I tried. If I have trouble with the 650 I will post as matters progress.
If anyone has words of one syllable to instruct on downloads to an Hcx I would be pleased to hear but please no convoluted Garmin speak with multiple updates which do not work.Sorry but been there.
Do not have any words re the alternatives mentioned but no one I have met out there has ever been using anything other than Garmins or smart phones,iphone and androids.I have the latter and though it's okish it is just not reliable enough to be of much use unlees cnnected to the net which don't really work out there.


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