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Re: Twixmas 2019
« on: December 02, 2019, 11:34:41 am »
Iím sorry to hear that she didnít enjoy the walk. Itís not the first time this point has been raised.  :(

Iím sure those at the front arenít doing this intentionally - they might not realise, it may not cross their minds, or they might think there are enough people behind them to accompany the slower walkers.

My suggestion would be to make an announcement before setting off - something along the lines of ďremember itís a group walk, so we need to stick together and give people time to catch up before moving onĒ.

Maybe we could count how many people there are before setting off, and check that everyone is at each cache location before announcing that we can move on to the next?

In addition, we could have a few volunteers staying at the back of the group for the duration of the walk.
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