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Re: Monthly events?
« on: June 04, 2019, 08:51:15 pm »
I know some groups use it as an opportunity to sort out some difficult puzzle caches or plan caching days but the main aim is just have a chat, with no pressure on the event organiser.

Thatís exactly what I was thinking. Something where itís the same pub (so no pressure thinking where to go next) and just chat, no pressure on the organiser except calling to book a table once a month.  :)

If we go ahead, does anyone have any ideas of a pub or date? Which days of the week are good for people?

Of course, Snowshill Arms comes to mind - it would have to be in the main pub (as it could be £25 each time if they get someone to man the bar in the skittle alley) but it might be good to try somewhere different?

Dates - Cheltenham is the last week of the month, on a weeknight (normally). So, maybe the second Wednesday evening of each month?

Obviously everything is flexible and nothingís set in stone yet, just discussing it for now  :)
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