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CacheWalker Skittles Tournaments
« on: September 25, 2017, 12:16:36 pm »
This list will be updated after each skittle tournament.

The First CacheWalker Skittles Tournament (March 3rd 2013)

Winner: walk tall (there weren't teams at this tournament)
Winner of Killer: Griff Grof

The Second CacheWalker Skittles Tournament (February 15th 2015)

Winners: Team JJ - JimJinks, Ems, tarmacjohn and Griff Grof
Winner of Killer: n/a (ran out of time to play it)

The Third CacheWalker Skittles Tournament (February 21st 2016)

Winners: The Puritans - Wrighty, Mrs Wrighty, L8HNB (Linda and Henry)
Winner of Killer - Jackie (of Finstall)

The Fourth CacheWalker Skittles Tournament (September 24th 2017)

Winners: Wonders - JimJinks, Ems, walk tall, the sundowner
Winner of Killer: Ralph (of RalphnKirstie1979)
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