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CacheWalker Events - 2017
« on: December 31, 2016, 01:03:57 pm »
    List of all planned/suggested CacheWalker Events - 2017

    A thread to record all events planned/proposed/mentioned for this year, from any ideas, discussion and posts on this forum. The list will be promptly edited as and when is needed. Anyone wishing to hold a CacheWalker event other than us regulars can therefore see when would be a sensible time to organise one. Any notable Group Meets (with NO listed event) will also be listed.

    This is a provisional list. 2017 is CacheWalker's 10th Anniversary year, so a varied 'CacheWalker hits 10' programme of events will hopefully take place! All events on this list (posted in Dec 2016) are ideas that have not been discussed (yet) amongst all members, so are subject to change. The list will be updated as plans are confirmed.

    Event    |   Organiser(s)    |    Date and other details

    • None held

    • None held

    • None held

    • None held

    • None held

    • None held

    • None held

    • CacheWalker Summer Group Walk event | Organiser(s) TBC | Plans subject to change

    • 10th Birthday Social Event | Organiser(s) TBC | Nature of event subject to change

    • None currently planned

    • None currently planned

    • 10th Anniversary Twixmas Bash | Organiser(s) TBC | Plans subject to change

    Ongoing discussion which began in 2016:
    Next CacheWalker On Tour event - Discussion Thread

    *TBC stands for To Be Continued[/list]
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