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Re: Second "Week of the Weekly Poll"
« on: March 12, 2013, 04:38:28 pm »
The second Week of the Weekly Poll - with a twist! came to a close on Saturday.

Results were announced on each polls' thread, so check them to find out the winners!  :)

The twist: PM me a walk you really have enjoyed - you'll soon understand  ;D ...

Some stats from the week: In total, over every poll running, 51 votes were cast  ;D ;D - Coincidence! (The 51st Weekly Poll was published as the week was running) and that's up from 34 votes at the last WOTWP - great! Not only this but we  also managed to beat our previous Weekly Poll record of 7 votes with 8 votes (and counting) on the current Weekly Poll poll - thanks all for voting! Also, in total all the polls were viewed 292 times by members, which is great!

I think the Week of the Weekly Poll was a bit of fun while it lasted, celebrating one year of the forum, and encouraging activity on the site! Will we see another one run in 6 months time? It's unlikely, it's successor is probably going to be called the "Festival of Walking", or something along those lines...

Thank you all for taking part, and  The Week of the Weekly Poll is all over, and going to bed.
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