Author Topic: One year of the new CacheWalker forums - thank you!  (Read 110 times)

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One year of the new CacheWalker forums - thank you!
« on: February 27, 2013, 07:27:13 pm »
One year ago, right now, it was a cold dark night. I was posting a reply on the old forum, and saw it submit to "Error 120 - Debug mode". I contacted a friend, with even more IT knowledge than me - he went ahead and set up a new forum, when I'd asked him to see if he could sort the current one out  :D Reluctantly, I went to check what it was like, and it was good... No more was there a D-bug mode and I could actually register, and all the other little bugs were missing too  ;D - the night was then lit alight by the stars (okay, it was probably cloudy) as was the future of the online home for CacheWalker...

The [not-so] NEW CacheWalker forums are a year old today, with the first post ("Test") having been made at 19:20  :D - Throughout the year, as the current admin, I've changed, tweaked and added a whole lot to the site, whilst maintaining its true spirit (paw prints, board names etc) - notably a better quality, bolder logo at the top - and replacing the board "CacheWalker's" with "Members Only", (adding some new advantages  :) ) - and there is ofcourse a whole lot more, which I won't go into here!

Thank you to you ALL for all your support, contributions, and enthusiasm with the new forums - CacheWalker's activity really has picked up to as it was at its inception, which is partly thanks to having this shiny new online home, filled with CacheWalker's old and new  ;D - this is just the START of many more years of CacheWalker in its most active form  ;D May it long continue!

Thank you to our moderators TARMACJOHN and WALK-TALL, and to fellow admin (tech support) ALTRA in particular for all your help and support towards me and the forum - thankfully the Mods haven't been too busy yet  :D (shushhh)

Want some stats? What has gone on this year? How many posts?...
Posts - 4,236 - WOW - that's nearly DOUBLE all the posts EVER on the old forum  ;D ;D
Topics - 275 - Again, a huge increase upon the old forums - gosh, we're active!
Members - 68 - Okay, not quite as good - but other than about 6, everyone has posted and joined in  ;D
Online - 48 - wow! Very high, none of those bots! Remember, the endless guests!  :D

Average Posts per day - 11.6 - Much higher than a lot of forums
Average Users online per day - 5 - a great figure for an average!

We posted most in MARCH 2012 - 764 times, to be exact - let's beat that this coming year!

So, yes, what a great first year for the forum! What's been your highlight?

So, thank you all again, and may the next year be as good, if not better, as the first. Thanks for the journey! (so far)

The "Second Week of the Weekly Poll... with a TWIST" begins tomorrow, a site-wide festival, to celebrate the forums first year!
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Re: One year of the new CacheWalker forums - thank you!
« Reply #1 on: February 27, 2013, 08:55:38 pm »
I think some thanks should go to you, Griff, for bringing in some youthful enthusiasm!

Thank You!  ;D
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Re: One year of the new CacheWalker forums - thank you!
« Reply #2 on: February 27, 2013, 09:59:16 pm »
Yes, you have done a good job Griff but don't worry when it goes quiet, we may well be busy but will be back soon  ;) :D
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