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Introducing Maps
« on: November 09, 2012, 08:52:16 pm »
The walks section is only just starting to be revamped  ;D And we've already added several new features to make sharing walks more enjoyable, easier and enticing  :)

Maps. View all posted walks on a rich map
Sharing walks has never been better here on CacheWalker. The main new addition is the maps, featuring on every topic/board of the walks section. You'll notice several markers on it... these are the starting points of all the walks posted. Click on them and you'll see a brief summery and a link to the posted thread. To get your posted walk on the map strait away include the starting coordinates of the walk (Not all walks posted have to have caches on them!) and a marker will appear on the map. If you don't include this it may well be that it will not appear on the map, as we cannot guess where a walk (which could be further afield) starts. As time goes on we are planning to plot the entire walk on the map, not just the starting point  :)

Gallery integration. Share images from your walks
The gallery is still plodding along. And now it has been integrated with the walks section. Every time you post an image in the "Walks" gallery category, a post will be made in the Walks board sharing your image, and vice versa. This will be a good way of sharing the images from the walks you post  ;D

Those are just two of the several new features we're working on adding. I wanted to get the Walks section back up sooner rather than later, so decided to leave the other new features for now.

Please let us know what you think, how we can make the map and gallery integration better, and what else you'd like to see in the walk section - bring CacheWalker forum back to it's roots - sharing walking routes  ;D

Please note: To get the revamped walks board and map growing we need YOU to post walks (following the guidelines posted on the "Walks General" board). Get sharing!
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