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Re: Ask Admin Towers
« on: October 04, 2014, 06:41:29 pm »
I have encountered a couple of quirks recently. One is that I don't see, etc icons and links to my profile under my name any more, although I see them under other peoples names. I have the correct details filled out in my profile.

This baffled me for a while too. It turns out, when you are the thread author your icons don't appear - don't ask me why  :D Something I've been meaning to look at.

But note how my icons don't appear on this thread, your's on Twixmas 2014, TJ's on Where in the World etc etc  :-\

The other is only when I am using my mobile. Attached is a screen shot from my phone from earlier, which shows what I am getting some of the time, which is that there is no 'forum' button to click on the top bar unless I log in. My phone is a bit quirky anyway, so it might just be that as I don't have any problems when using a PC. I have tried clearing the cache on the browser and clearing the data on the Google Chrome app, but still does the same. Any ideas?

This is the same for me when I access the site from my phone. In fact, I can't even see the portal  :o

Will give the Create a Forum admin a note of these things  :)
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